Extracting Photos from Videos

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Have you ever wanted to get a photo out of a video on iPhone?

When I’m snowboarding with friends, we often take some video to analyze technique, and also because it’s easier to get a photo that way than taking a bunch in succession (especially now that the rapid photo mode is hidden). But how do you actually get that frame? Sure you can screenshot the video, but you’re leaving pixels on the table when you do that.

After searching for a while for a good app that can do that, I finally found one that:

  1. Can extra a frame from the video
  2. Pick your compression (HEIC please)
  3. Has a frame stepper so you can find the exact frame you want.

And, it happens to be free & and open source. Wow!

Check out Frame Grabber

Pro tip: film in 4k so you get nice high-res photos. While I find HD video good enough for daily use, when extracting a frame the higher resolution is appreciated.