Adding Pod IP ranges to GKE clusters

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DALL-E: "An image super realistic with lots of color of adding a Pod IP range to a GKE cluster"

Did you know that you can now add Pod IP ranges to GKE clusters? Pods use a lot of IPs, which in the past forced you to compromise. Do you allocate a lot of IPs to the cluster allowing for growth while reserving a big group of IPs, or do you allocate just a little to conserve IPs but risking the need to recreate the cluster if you expand.

Compromise no more. When creating GKE clusters, you can assign a small range, and add supplemental ranges later. For GKE Autopilot clusters it’s especially easy as there are no additional node configurations to worry about after you add the new range (you can also add ranges for node-based clusters, but you need to create new new pools to pick up the new ranges).

Trying it out

Let’s take it for a spin to build confidence in the system! I’m going to create an IP-constrained cluster in Autopilot mode to see how easy it is to expand. When creating a cluster, the smallest Pod IP range you can give is a /21, so let’s use that. Here’s what it looks like in the UI in the networking settings:

Or, in the command line:

gcloud container clusters create-auto $CLUSTER_NAME \
    --cluster-ipv4-cidr "/21" \
    --region $REGION

Now, schedule a workload with a large replica count

kubectl create -f
kubectl scale --replicas 1000 deployment/timeserver

WARNING: scaling to 1000 isn’t cheap, don’t try this if you’re on a budget (fortunately, Google is paying for my cluster, so I can run these tests sweat free). If you do run the test, be sure to tear it down once complete.

Autopilot uses 64 IPs per node by default (32 Pods per node), and a /21 has 2,048 IPs. 2,048/64 = 32, so at most we can create 32 nodes.

Sure enough, that’s what happened.

$ kubectl get deploy,nodes
NAME                         READY      UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
deployment.apps/timeserver   390/1000   1000         390         9m44s

NAME                                                       STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-default-pool-5861ae2f-g7z6   Ready    <none>   9m56s   v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-default-pool-7f4db38e-16fg   Ready    <none>   9m45s   v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-725z      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-ftl8      Ready    <none>   6m57s   v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-gk5j      Ready    <none>   7m4s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-hkds      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-jmrb      Ready    <none>   7m3s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-r5vg      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-r97f      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-s96h      Ready    <none>   7m6s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-sznw      Ready    <none>   7m6s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-xp2w      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-xw6v      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-5l9w      Ready    <none>   7m10s   v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-5mnw      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-5qb6      Ready    <none>   7m2s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-6m9v      Ready    <none>   7m8s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-cv6s      Ready    <none>   7m8s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-cxvq      Ready    <none>   7m3s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-f9r4      Ready    <none>   7m8s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-hdkc      Ready    <none>   7m6s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-hpqm      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-j9q2      Ready    <none>   7m6s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-kzvl      Ready    <none>   7m6s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-ls96      Ready    <none>   7m8s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-nzs2      Ready    <none>   7m12s   v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-slmk      Ready    <none>   7m6s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-v6zn      Ready    <none>   7m9s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-zlnv      Ready    <none>   7m8s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-c5a846aa-kdmf      Ready    <none>   7m2s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-c5a846aa-pwdn      Ready    <none>   7m5s    v1.27.3-gke.100
node/gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-c5a846aa-q7xc      Ready    <none>   7m6s    v1.27.3-gke.100

Counting the nodes, and it’s a match (32 nodes plus the heading):

$ kubectl get nodes | wc -l

GKE even shows a handy error message indicating the problem pointing to the docs with a solution.

To solve, let’s add another /21 range for another 32 nodes, as follows. I’ll even use a non-RFC1918 range to save IPs from my network, which is optional. First we need to add a new secondary range to the subnet assigned to the cluster:

$ SUBNET_NAME=default
$ RANGE_NAME=more-pods
$ gcloud compute networks subnets update $SUBNET_NAME \
    --add-secondary-ranges $RANGE_NAME= \
Updated [.../regions/us-central1/subnetworks/default].

Then update the cluster to add this new range

$ gcloud container clusters update $CLUSTER_NAME \
    --additional-pod-ipv4-ranges=$RANGE_NAME \
Updating wdenniss-ip-constrained...done.
Updated [.../us-central1/clusters/wdenniss-ip-constrained].

This happens quite quickly, and now we can see the new secondary range in the cluster info.

Since this is Autopilot, there’s nothing more to do! The system will reconcile the existence of the new IPs and scale up for us.

TIP this will also work on a node-based cluster. If the cluster has run out of Pod IPs and you add a new range with --additional-pod-ipv4-ranges as I did here, then new node pools you create will utilize this new range.

$ kubectl get nodes | wc -l

$ kubectl get deploy
timeserver   810/1000   1000         810         155m
$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                                                  STATUS   ROLES    AGE    VERSION
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-3a1c8982-56xk   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-3a1c8982-824h   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-3a1c8982-8rkj   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-3a1c8982-b55c   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-3a1c8982-n2df   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-3a1c8982-p5gv   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-3a1c8982-rsf6   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-3a1c8982-vpc6   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-be52d4c3-6kn6   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-be52d4c3-9xzf   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-be52d4c3-fcvk   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-be52d4c3-p75q   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-be52d4c3-qc9k   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-be52d4c3-rrk7   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-be52d4c3-s9b8   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-4dn9   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-929b   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-c49t   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-ctvf   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-mr74   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-rcrm   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-s2th   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-tr7q   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-v8gz   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-d642485b-z7tj   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-eab6680a-792f   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-eab6680a-dw2l   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-eab6680a-r65p   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-eab6680a-rwss   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-eab6680a-v5wt   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-eab6680a-w8tx   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrai-nap-1ls7unll-eab6680a-x8vx   Ready    <none>   43m    v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-1-a8ecf6b7-7pfx      Ready    <none>   132m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-1-a8ecf6b7-rwhb      Ready    <none>   132m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-725z      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-ftl8      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-gk5j      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-hkds      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-jmrb      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-r5vg      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-r97f      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-s96h      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-sznw      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-xp2w      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-8399ce45-xw6v      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-5l9w      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-5mnw      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-5qb6      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-6m9v      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-cv6s      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-cxvq      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-f9r4      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-hdkc      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-hpqm      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-j9q2      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-kzvl      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-ls96      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-nzs2      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-slmk      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-v6zn      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-bd29cd72-zlnv      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-c5a846aa-kdmf      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-c5a846aa-pwdn      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100
gk3-wdenniss-ip-constrained-pool-3-c5a846aa-q7xc      Ready    <none>   153m   v1.27.3-gke.100

Under the hood, GKE can only assign a single Pod CIDR to the node pool. Fortunately in Autopilot, this detail is taken care of for us. I got another 32 nodes, and will need to repeat the steps above to add one more range to fulfil the 1000 replica request (or, I could have added more than a /21 the first time round.

Hopefully you can see that with the ability to add additional Pod ranges, you can now start with a conservative Pod IP allocation and expand as needed. I wouldn’t really recommend starting as low as /21, but it’s an option.

Clean up

If you tried this yourself, to cleanup just delete the deployment. If you’re using Autopilot you won’t need to worry about nodes provisioned under the hood, as the charges stop once the Pods are deleted.

$ kubectl delete deploy/timeserver

And the cluster..

$ gcloud container clusters delete $CLUSTER_NAME \
    --region $REGION

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